LiquidBeans Coffee Extract - EXTRA LARGE


LiquidBeans Coffee Extract XL is made from liquefied coffee beans.

It is our same coffee extract blend, just in a bigger bottle with more of it! Make delicious iced coffees, lattes, cocktails and countless other creations in no time.

Makes up to 130 coffee creations.
Ingredients: Arabica coffee, water, cane sugar.
Shelf life: 18 months, keep refrigerated after opening.

Consumer Per 100ml
Energy 1030 kJoule 246 kcal
Fat 0 gr
Carbohydrates 54,3 gr
Of which sugars 54,3 gr
Protein 7,44 gr
Salt < 1,0 gr

In case you forgot...

Always Fresh with 12 Month Shelf-LifeNo Artificial FlavoursMade from 100% Arabica Beans